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Planning a wedding is difficult, but planning a gay wedding abroad is also challenging. Myself and Stuart had always planned to get married abroad on the beach. It was our dream to have the have our own amazing Ibiza Wedding. Being regular travellers to Ibiza for holidays with friends and as a couple we fell in love with the place and how gay friendly Ibiza is. I think a lot of people see Ibiza as a party capital, when actually there is so much more to the Island.

Initially researching and speaking to travel companies about booking a gay wedding abroad was very difficult. Nobody seemed to know who would be able to offer this. There was realistically only one company at the time selling same-sex ceremonies, so we were quite limited on choice.

After spending some time with a local travel agent we managed to find the wedding that we wanted. In Spain to be legally married you need to be registered as a Spanish citizen, so the ceremony itself is a blessing and you will need to register the wedding officially in the UK before or after departure.

My biggest gripe from booking with the company that we did was that they hadn’t thought of the small things that matter. I.e all the wedding documentation that was sent out was to Mr & Mrs and they sent us an email saying you have an extra 20kgs for the brides dress? Things like these are part of the reason I created same-sex holidays to ensure that same sex couples get the tailor-made documentation and service they deserve.

Despite the few things above I have got to say things got a lot better from here on.

We booked 7 nights, all-inclusive at the 5* grand palladium in Playa Den Bossa. Being totally honest the hotel wasn’t really 5* but it was still very nice and it was great as I had around 40 of my friends and family also staying at the hotel. Also the food was really good and the staff were great. It’s also worth noting the year after we got married this hotel had a multi million euro renovation, so I’m sure the hotel has changed a lot since we visited.


On day 1 we met with our wedding coordinator (Anne) who was amazing. Myself and Anne had been emailing backwards and forwards for months prior to departure to ensure everything we wanted was ready for the big day. I am quite a control freak so leaving the biggest day of your life in someone else’s hands was quite difficult, however she excelled on what she did for us.

Wedding Day – In Ibiza the wedding ceremonies are done in the evening so its cooler, so we had the ceremony around 6pm. Our wedding was at Cas Mila which is a restaurant overlooking the beach of Cala Tarida. The actual service is done in on a clifftop from the restaurant with a staircase to one side where you walk down the aisle.


The venue was stunning and the backdrop was just perfect. We had hired a 4×4 white wrangler jeep to get us to and from the venue.


The ceremony itself lasted about 15 minutes. The layout was perfect, the host was very well spoken and really warming and they added some nice touches like the ‘sand ceremony’ where you both pour sand into a glass jar and keep this after the wedding.


After the wedding all the guests were taken down to the beach to enjoy sangria and canapés whilst we had some photos taken. The photographer was absolutely amazing and I would only recommend her if offering weddings to other couples in Ibiza. You can see some of her fabulous work at


After all the photos all the guests were seated for dinner. We’d opted for a BBQ which was served at the table. Everyone commented on how great the food was. Also the presentation and the way they turned around the venue was fantastic.


After dinner we did our speeches and then had a DJ at the venue. It was a great evening and one of the best nights of my life.


My overall wedding was unbelievable and having all my friends and family in one place to share this experience with me was amazing. I would recommend anyone to consider having their wedding / blessing abroad. It takes a lot of stress out of the occasion and also gives you relaxing time to enjoy with friends and family before the big day.


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