Its a Baking Thing - Top Vintage Wedding Cake Trends for Summer 2015


Couples across the globe are falling in love with the idea of a vintage wedding and many are adding a touch of the past to their special day.

Whether they’re opting for a second hand wedding dress, choosing to arrive in an old car, or taking décor inspiration from their grandparents’ living rooms, organising a vintage wedding can be lots of fun.

For those looking to immerse their guests in a nostalgic wonderland, it could be worth reflecting some vintage charm in their cake too. Here, new cake supplies specialist, It’s a Baking Thing, run through a few of the key components that you could consider when creating a winning vintage wedding cake: 

Classic White Icing

In the days when our parents and grandparents were getting married, wedding cakes were usually just like you’d see in the movies. They were towering beauties covered in classic white icing and decorated with intricate details. Why not introduce something similar to your wedding? You could choose icing that matches the colour of your bridesmaids’ dresses or add delicate details that compliment your wedding invitations.


If you’re after a vintage wedding cake that oozes class and sophistication, lace is definitely for you. Teamed with flowers, ribbons and some traditional cake toppers, your guests will feel as though they’ve been transported back to the 1950s. By choosing lace that is a similar colour to your icing, you can add a really nice texture to your wedding cake. Alternatively, you could use a contrasting colour to create a sense of depth.

Floral detail

Adding floral details to your cake can be a great way of including a bit of personality in what is otherwise a very classic and traditional creation. You could stick to the colour scheme inherent in the rest of the cake or opt for brightly coloured petals that stand out and steal the show. There are numerous tools and ingredients that your baker could use for this, including flower and modelling pastes or frosting. Have a chat with them to find out what they think will work best for the designs that you love.

Pearl icing

Formed in the depths of the ocean, pearls have long been considered rare and unique objects of beauty.  Not only have they long denoted wealth and status, the Ancient Greeks believed they were a symbol of love, making them the perfect addition to any wedding.

So why not create something that Grace Kelly, Jackie Kennedy and Audrey Hepburn would be proud of by adding icing or fondant pearls to your wedding cake? Using a piping bag can be a great way of creating unique patterns with your pearl icing.


The Great Wedding Bake Off

When choosing a wedding cake you may find yourself torn between the prettiest cake and the most delicious one. You might even be tempted to provide guests with an array of flavours so that everyone’s taste is catered for.

Bride and groom, Sama and Paul invited their guests to take part in a ‘great wedding bake off’ and after covering a table with a vast selection of treats, they added a really nice touch to their vintage-themed wedding.

Vintage weddings never go out of fashion and they’re great fun to organise. So once you’ve chosen a rustic location, quirky décor, and a dress reminiscent of times gone by, don’t forget to have lots of fun planning your cake with your chosen baker.

With over 50 years of industry experience behind them, the passionate bakers at It’s A Baking Thing strive to share the very best tools and ingredients with home bakers across the country.


Images used courtesy of: Lauren Hammond and Linda Marklund on Flickr.

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