Tinies Surrey up in lights!

A very exciting week for us in the Tinies Surrey office, for those of you who are local to Cheam village, you may of noticed our name up in lights! Well on a big billboard in Cheam on the railway bridge. We have so far received lots of calls and bookings for a wide variety of our services since it has been up, all customers saying they couldn’t miss it as they drove past.

We have been waiting for a gorgeous sunny day to go and take pictures of the team and this morning was definitely the day we were waiting for. We all piled into the car and jumped out to take a quick photo underneath, it was just typical that the lights turned red and we were being laughed at by a bus full of people. Never a dull moment in the world of Tinies Surrey!

We couldn’t get the picture right and with our not so professional cameraman, it resulted on climbing (not so gracefully) up the wall to get a better shot.

So we (rather excitedly) give you Tinies Surrey and South West London, a whole world of childcare up in Cheam village!

We would love to know how many more of you have seen it, if you hadn’t of guessed we are very proud!

-          Adelle Gibson, Marketing Exec


Want to Know More?

We are working on a new coffee table book with our featured suppliers. Stay tuned for more info!

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