Tanya Cristina

Tanya Cristina is a vocalist who brings passion and conviction to every note she sings. With a love for all music (especially soul, jazz and r’n’b), Tanya’s repertoire is as wide-ranging as her voice.

She has performed at many different styles of weddings, from stately homes to inner city hotels, bandstands in public parks to intimate church services. She has covered all manner of songs, from ‘At Last’ by Etta James to ‘I Believe in a Thing Called Love’ by The Darkness and has, on occasion, also been asked to share her original and much loved ballad 'Perfectly'.

Tanya always gets to know, and caters for, the bride and groom’s tastes as well as their budget and is able to perform with an instrumental track, an acoustic musician or a full band. Tanya's set list is varied and she is happy to share some of her all-time favourite songs on the day, in addition to learning new favourites that are special and meaningful to the happy couple and their guests.

Described by David and Carrie Grant, acclaimed vocal coaches and television presenters, as having ‘heart and soul along with a truly beautiful voice’, Tanya Cristina is a hugely talented up-and-coming British singer and songwriter. With an astounding vocal range, and a power that belies her small stature, be prepared to be moved and inspired by this small woman with a big voice!

You can read a number of testimonials for Tanya Cristina by clicking on the following link: www.tanyacristina.com/testimonials

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