Inspiration was the driving force behind Ginvera Green Tea Skincare and its arrival in the UK. Having tried Ginvera Green Tea skincare, Janiro Ltd managing Director, Rob Lyons, knew that this skincare range had to be brought to the UK.

Ginvera Green Tea Skincare has its roots in Singapore, the cosmopolitan and exciting heartbeat of Asia. Have you ever wondered how Asian women and men can have famously smooth, youthful looking and radiant skin. It is well recognised that across Asia, skincare is valued even higher than cosmetics. The secret to looking amazing, with or without your favourite cosmetics, is first having amazing skin. That's why your skincare routine is your first priority.
Asian skincare is renowned for its quality and development through technology. That is why Ginvera Green Tea skincare has not been altered one bit when we introduced it into the UK. We take pride that Ginvera is authentically Asian. 

The combination of Ginvera Exfoliating Marvel Gel and Nude Cover BB Cream gives a natural, beautiful look that has Celebrity, beauty magazine editors and international makeup artists raving about it.

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We are working on a new coffee table book with our featured suppliers. Stay tuned for more info!

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